22 Apr 2024

Warning for Using Weed Control on St. Augustine

Don’t put weed control on St. Augustine grass when the temperature is above 75 degrees consistently, or you may have to re-sod your entire yard!

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06 Aug 2017

Why Aeration is so Important


Why Aeration is so important

Right now we’re in the hardest summer time, where in July ground gets hard. Aeration is very important because it allows the roots to get deeper in the soil. With that, the nutrients can also get deeper because aeration allows the water to get down there. That is a very healthy, very good thing to do to the lawn. Just remember that your lawn starts with the root so this aeration is going to allow everything to getting on the roots and that’s really a good news.

Everything you need to know about chinch bugs

You will realize that your lawn got chinch bugs in it if you are seeing little brown spots there. What I’m telling everyone to do is to aerate the lawn and also put insecticide down to kill the insect. Chinch bugs are one of the big problems and if you don’t kill them in the right way, you’re going to lose your entire lawn. We need to do this before fall comes because once we get to the fall, the grass slows down from growing and it takes a longer time to recover.

 Bermuda Grass

The number one problem you’re going to have with Bermuda grass is torpedo grass which is probably one of the worst weeds you can get in it. If you look over your lawn, torpedo grass will take over your whole lawn. The weeds that around it are called difficult to control weeds which are very hard to kill. With Bermuda grass, you have to put a week control on it consistently and you have to aerate it a couple of times a year. We need to keep the grass real taken care of to achieve a healthy lawn.

Warning: Do not use weed control in the summer

In this video we will talk about fertilizing your lawn and putting weed control on it during the summer time. We’re talking about the St. Augustine lawn. Always remember, very important, do not put weed control over your whole lawn when temperature is consistently 75 degrees or above. The rule of thumb is, once at 75 and consistently 75 degrees, do a spot treating because if you do cover the whole lawn as the temperatures rise the risk goes up with you killing the lawn.

 Test lawn damage for chinch bugs vs. drought stress

Touch the soil if it’s got moist then that means your lawn has chances to have chinch bugs. If the lawn is real dry, then it maybe drought stress. So how do you check it? All you have to do is put your hand down on the grass like you run a rake to the lawn. If you see the chinch bugs around, of course you want to put insecticide down there protect your lawn. It’s about careful and proper way of identify if it’s a chinch bug or some another insect but the chinch bugs is what you’re looking for in the summer.