Lawn Care Schedule

Our calendar that shows you what to look out for by each month.  There is one for Bermuda and another for St. Augustine.

Lawn Schedule for St. Augustine

Note: A broad leaf weed control will not kill difficult to control weeds. Broad leaf weeds – rather easy to kill – grows fall, winter and early spring and die off on their own as temp rises. Clover, chickweed, dandelions, etc.Store bought weed and feed will kill broad leaf weeds only.

Note: Difficult to control weeds show up year round. Fall, winter and early spring difficult to control weeds which die off spring due to hotter temp, are replaced by difficult to control weed which like to grow during spring and summer and die off on their own as temps get colder. So with difficult to control weeds it’s a revolving door trading one for the other year round. Have to treat difficult to control weeds with a special weed control made to kill difficult to control weeds.

Note: Common to see people put a weed and feed down and weeds to nothing due to customer not knowing the difference between broad leaf weeds and difficult to control weeds.