“What a blessing he has been to our yard!

We had some serious issues with our front lawn the year after we moved in to our house. As I am no way knowledgeable in any form of gardening I sought for some help in hope to saving what was left of our front yard. 1)The first guy told me I was watering too much and that we had fungi. 2) The second guy said our pine tree was soaking up all the water and nutrients and that only option I had, if I wanted to have a green front lawn again was to cut the pine tree grind the roots down and then resod the lawn. All to the bargain of $8,500. 3) Then I discovered Mr. Romy Robinson! What a blessing he has been to our yard! We aerated our lawn and put fertilizer down every six weeks. Our lawn has never been this lush and green! I can highly recommend Mr. Romy Robinson, his work and advice.”

Veronika W.

“I have never had this success before.

I moved into my track built home in October of 2010. The ground was prepared as usual with little or no nutrients and rock hard. I met Romy that next month. He told me he had many years of experience in the Lawn care Chemical field and he was starting his own business. I told him I had many bad experience over the years with those “spray” companies, as they never seemed to true or get it quite green! He asked me to trust him and I would have the best lawn in the neighborhood by March. He laid a course of action including Core Aeration, Fertilizer and Weed control. He also had to practice some “homeowner control” as he advised me not to mow until March (almost 3 months). Yikes!!! The plan worked. Romy touched base with me each time he was here and we talked about the progress and patience of my grass. When it was all said and done, my lawn was great. By summer my lawn guy asked me stop watering so much as the grass was so thick he couldn’t keep up with the maintenance. This is my 8th city in 23 years and my 7th home and I have never had this success before. Thanks Romy and I know your new customers will be as happy with your service as I have been.”

Steve F.

“Our lawn looks wonderful…

We have been fortunate to have Romy taking care of our lawn, tree and shrubs for the past 4 years. We are very picky and always expect the best when paying for services. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the service that has been provided by Romy. Our lawn looks wonderful and Romy has taken special care when working around our pool and decking in the backyard. I would like to add that Romy is an outstanding resource of information regarding any issues, concerns and or questions regarding garden and lawn care. We just paid for another year of service, this month, and are looking forward to having the best looking yard in the neighborhood again this coming year! We recommend that you try Romy and enjoy having a beautiful yard like we have.”

John B.

“His expertise definitely spells out green-thumb!

My lawn has been in poor health for the past two years and then I met Romy. He advised that my lawn would be greener starting in the Spring months as long as I followed the lawn care plan that he laid out and continued with the necessary care. I have experienced amazing results! My overall lawn is healthier, thicker and greener! His expertise definitely spells out green-thumb!” ?

Chandra T.

“Romy has been a pleasure to work with…

We began using Greener Than Ever three years ago at the recommendation of a friend.  Romy has been treating our lawn, landscaping and shrubs.  Romy is very passionate about his work and we have had numerous compliments from neighbors and friends on our lawn.  He is proactive in evaluating our needs and communicating with us to determine treatment.  Romy has been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Trent P.


“Our grass has never looked better!

Our grass has never looked better! We are now into our second year with Romy and his professional and friendly manner make for a great business relationship, he knows what he is talking about and is always on hand should we need advice.”

Amy D.

“My yard now contains a beautiful lawn…

When I first met Romy, I was in desperate need of help. I tried the products sold at the major home improvement chains and the weeds in my yard simply laughed at the treatments and only grew larger.

I am generally not one to respond to ads left at my doorstep, but because of my despair, I decided to give him a call. First things first, he arrived at my house at the agreed upon time (very important)!  Weeds were rampant and brown patches were everywhere. He recommended that I be patient and follow his advice and that I would soon have a beautiful yard.

He began treating my yard in April 2011 and as of May 2012, I can proudly say that my yard now contains a beautiful lawn and one that I am proud to gaze upon on a regular basis.”

Robert B.

“I would whole-heartedly recommend their service!

I’ve been using the lawn services of “Greener Than Ever” since January 2007 and can honestly say that doing business with them has been nothing but professional — professional information, discussions, and most importantly, results! The owner, Romy Robinson, is very knowledgeable and helpful. His services are valuable and reasonably priced.  Lawn care issues, strategies and ideas can be discussed intelligently and expected results obtained. I would whole-heartedly recommend their service!” (Cinco Ranch – Katy)

Paul L.

“I had dead spots in my yard and now they’re gone! Thanks Romy!”

Brandon V.

“My lawn never looked better!

I was using another national lawn care company. My lawn never looked so bad. Then my neighbor recommended Greener Than Ever. I decided to try Romy’s service. He treats my lawn year round. My lawn never looked better!! Romy knows exactly what to use on all those pesky weeds and even the difficult ones. It is now green and lush. The winter treatments are to help prevent weeds in the spring. I recommend this year round service!”

Pat B.

“Since Romy has been caring for my lawn, it has been GREENER THAN EVER.”

Kendyl J.

“Romy really knows his stuff.

Oh my goodness!!!! My landscaper promised that he would have my lawn looking like a golf course, and it looked HORRIBLE!!! He was using fertilizer, but really had no clue what he was doing. I had used Romy in the past, and had to cut him out of my budget due to financial issues. But boy, you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone! Romy really knows his stuff. My grass is looking SO much better thanks to his knowledge and expertise. I will not go anywhere else.”

Monique Brannon

“Romy has done wonders for my lawn.

Romy has done wonders for my lawn.He is passionate about his work and extremely knowledgeable about what’s going on with the lawn and bushes. He’s great about making sure that I understand also. Thanks Romy for making my lawn a beautiful, lush, green carpet that I can be proud of!”

Maryann C.

“I highly recommend Romy for keeping your yard looking great.

My yard looks amazing since Romy started taking care of my lawn 2 years ago. I am very particular about having my yard looks good. I would go to some of the most popular nurseries in this area and buy the fertilizer and weed control that they suggested and I was getting nowhere. The Bermuda grass was taking over my back yard. I did not have to plant any new grass after Romy took over my yard. It looks great! I highly recommend Romy for keeping your yard looking great. This year he also fertilized my trees and shrubs and they are doing amazing also. And, the convenience of not having to go out and buy all the stuff that doesn’t work is awesome also.”

Glyna Johnson


“We are very pleased and highly recommend him!

‘Greener than Ever’ has really helped improve the look and health of our lawn, trees and shrubs. Romy’s customer service and expertise are second to none and his prices are reasonable. We are very pleased and highly recommend him!”

Nathan S.


“I would have no problem recommending his service.

I’ve been using Romy for a couple of years, after not so great results from my DIY efforts my lawn looks great now. Romy is always available by phone should I have a question and more often than not will come out the same or next day to see for himself whats going on. I would have no problem recommending his service.”



I found Romy and my lawn has never looked better!

After years of frustrating and expensive service with no results from the big lawn services, I found Romy and my lawn has never looked better! He has taken the time to explain each treatment and why it is needed, and also helped me to communicate changes needed with the mowing service to achieve maximum results. Thank you Romy, you have been wonderful to work with!”

Amy O.


“Romy delivers what he promises.

Romy delivers what he promises. All I do is water as he directs and cut the grass at the height he directs (3 1/2?). My lawn looks great!”

Sam K.


I would highly recommend Romy and his service.

I began using Greener Than Ever approximately two years ago. I have nothing but positive comments about Romy as a professional business person and the results he has produced in my lawn and shrub care. I would highly recommend Romy and his service.”

Joe B.


“It’s amazing what proper care can do!

Romy came by one day and offered to advise on the lawn which looked pretty bad with many weeds of different types. He commented that I was doing four or five things, all wrong. Well, I corrected those and hired Romy and now the lawn looks great. It’s amazing what proper care can do!”

John B.


“His lawn care service lives up to its name.

I am so glad Romy is taking care of my yard. The grass has never looked better. His lawn care service lives up to its name.”

Abby C.


“He made our yard look the best it has ever looked.

We have been amazed by Romy’s service. He is affordable, professional and knows the solution to any problem you may have with your yard. I was amazed at how fast we got results after Romy started treating our lawn. Even in the drought we have experienced, our yard is greener than ever!! He made our yard look the best it has ever looked. Thank You Romy!!!”

Heather M.