Lawn Care Secrets Podcast Episodes


Now that winter is over in this episode Romy talks about fertilizing the lawn and getting it ready for summer.



In this episode Romy talks about winterizing your yard and other tips for this time of year. Also listen to save money on your water bill during the winter months.



Just like in the past two episodes, Romy talks about proper lawn care, either you have St. Augustine grass or Bermuda grass. This time he talks about winter rye which is a grass seed that you plant during the winter time and it grows all through the winter and dies off on its own come Spring. He also discusses that the best time to dethatch the lawn is about the end of February just before Spring. Lastly, Romy discusses that there’s nothing special to do if your lawn gets a lot of flood water.



Just like in the first episode, Romy gives helpful tips about proper lawn care for St. Augustine grass during the wet season. He reminds us that Bermuda grass doesn’t get grub worms on rainy days unlike St. Augustine so we need to catch the problems early before sod web worms or grub worms completely destroy our lawn. Romy also discourages the use of insecticide during this season as for him it is waste of money. Watering our lawn is also one topic that he tackles here.



In this podcast, Romy talks about proper lawn care for Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass. He specifically shares relevant information about taking care of our lawn during Summer. Hot season also means chinch bug season which is a big problem along with the existence of grub worms, sod web worms, and other lawn threats. Romy also gives a timely advice to get our lawns healthy and strong as early as Summer before we get to the Fall and Winter.